Soap Box Derby Event 2024

Beaumont Days

Saturday, May 25, 2024
1:00 - 4:00 pm

50th Ave.  (Bellevue Hill – Across from Ecole Bellevue) 

  Registration Opens April 8, 2024. Applications will not be accepted prior. 

 Registration Deadline May 20, 2024. Only 30 entries can be accepted!

 Sponsored by Beaumont Knights of Columbus (Our Lady of the Hill Council) & Club Beaumont

2024 Rules and Regulations

The rules for this event are geared towards fun and family. This is not a competitive event and all efforts to make sure all cars are equal or shared between drivers will be taken.

1)  Age of Competitor  Driver must be between 8 and 13 years old. Each driver must fill out a separate application.


2)  Consent Form and Payment to be signed and submitted before race start, for insurance reasons. Entry fee is $10.00. Cash, cheque or e-transfers accepted. Send to We appreciate payment prior to race day.


3)  Protective Gear  All drivers must wear a helmet with full face visor (hockey or motorcycle helmet), gloves, jeans and long sleeves.     


4)  Race Cars will be available for entrants who do not have their own.  These cars will be assigned by a race official.                


5)  Design Guidelines for Cars


A. Car Dimensions

Dimensions and weight to be within soapbox guidelines. 84 inches long (2.1 meters), 34 inches wide. Cars should be designed to have a low center of gravity and high stability.


B. Tires

(1) 11 inch maximum wheel/tire diameter allowed.

(2) No high speed roller bearing wheels, automotive, or bicycle style axle/hubs.

(3) No air filled tires or Z-Glas wheels (true competitive soap box wheels). Tread face must be constructed of rubber or plastic.

(4) Measures must be taken to prevent wheels from departing the cart when in use. Use cotter pins or other positive means to keep the wheels in place.


C. Steering

Must be controlled by a fixed mechanical means. No foot or hand held line steering will be permitted. Linkage steering must be limited so that steering control can be maintained.


D. Towing

Securely fixed eye hook at front of car to attach a towing line from ATV. Opening to be 1.5” or larger and strong enough to ensure the cart can be pulled up hill.


E. Brakes

Cars must have a breaking system capable of slowing the car to a smooth, short and safe straight line stop without damaging the road surface.


F. Safety

(1) All basic structure parts must be securely fastened to each other using bolts, screws or other suitable hardware. Plywood and solid wood are permitted structural materials. Particle or strand type board is not permitted for any structural part. The basic structure is defined as the chassis on which the driver sits and to which the axles, steering and brake mechanisms, and body shell are attached.


(2) The driver’s lower torso, legs and feet should be within the body shell. The driver should not be able to contact the road surface or the wheels when seated in the normal operating position in the car.


(3) There should be no exposed sharp edges or points. Exposed edges that may be contacted by the driver should be smooth. Protective cushioning material may be fitted if desired.


6)  Inspection  All soap boxes will be inspected prior to race time to ensure they are in safe working order.  All drivers must show that they have control of steering and brakes.


7)  Entry number  Contestants must display their assigned number on their shirt/helmet.


8)  Respect must be shown to other drivers, parents, spectators and race volunteers.


9)  Starting Gate Rules


           (1) Each driver must have an adult present.


(2) Race officials will release the cars.



10)  Settling Disputes  The Race Marshall will have the final say in case of a tie or a difference of opinion.


11)  In the Event of a Crash/Breakdown vehicles will be inspected and approved by a race official before being allowed to continue racing.


Most important ... Have FUN building your Soap Box Car

and have FUN spending quality time with your friends and family :)

For any technical questions or a technical inspection please contact:

Paul Weisenberger
Soap Box Volunteer

Phone: 780-929-5150


2024 Soap Box Derby Registration.pdf
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2024 Soap Box Derby Rules & Regulations.
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