Welcome to St. Vital Parish!

Below are some of the groups meeting regularly at St. Vital. We are in the process of updating, more info to come!


Knights of Columbus The Knights of Columbus provides men and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the Catholic Church, their communities, families and young people. It was founded by Blessed Michael J. McGivney in 1882, and is the world’s largest Catholic family, fraternal, and service organization with over 1.7 million members.

CWL (Catholic Women's League) The Catholic Women's League of Canada is a national Catholic women’s organization which provides an opportunity for Catholic women to live their faith within a sisterhood of other Catholic women sharing faith, fun and service.


Faith and Family Life Formation Brought to you by the Knights of Columbus. Look for our family activities scheduled throughout the year, such as Sports Camps, Bible Camps, Family dances and Talent Shows! Family Bible Study is held once a month (every fourth Sunday) after the 11:00 am mass!

COR Men's Gathering COR is a time for men in the parish to pray, engage in a scripture program called Men of the Word, and enjoy fellowship with each other. Meetings are generally the first Sunday of the month. The next COR gathering is scheduled for 7:00 pm on Sunday, June 2 at the home of Louis Kloster. Come and see what COR is all about! Bring a bible and a rosary. For more information contact Louis at lpkloster@gmail.com.

Grandmothers Gather to Pray for their Grandchildren Every first Thursday of each month grandmothers are invited to gather in the Conference room (in the parish office building) after the 9:00 am mass (about 9:45 am) to pray the rosary and share fellowship. Upcoming dates are: June 6, July 4, August 1,  September 5.
Parish Bible Study Meets every second Monday, 10:30 - 12:30 am. Currently studying "The Eucharist - A Bible Study for Catholics" by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. Meetings take place in the parish office building, just South of the church (lower level). Please note, our last meeting before summer break will be April 29. We will resume again in the Fall on Sept 9, 2024! For information or any questions please call Claire Connell (780) 887-0468.

The Rock Youth Group Youth in Grades 7 - 12 gather in the church basement twice a month after the 5 p.m. mass on Saturdays, from about 6:15 - 8:30 p.m.  One of our monthly sessions is more formalized or structured; the second monthly meeting is a social gathering and we, for example, go skating or bowling, or we have a games or movie night.  Our formal sessions begin with prayer and an icebreaker/game.  We then engage in a published program that helps our young people grow in their knowledge and practice of the faith.  This is often followed by a prayer and praise session upstairs in the main body of the church.  The evening always concludes with some social time and refreshments. For more information contact therock.stvital@gmail.com.

St. Vital Young Adults

Children's Liturgy Children's Liturgy of the Word is held during the 11:00 am Sunday mass for children up to age 7 (Pre-Kindergarden to Grade 2). This is a great opportunity for some age-appropriate catechesis which is based on the Sunday's readings. The reflections, games, and activities are designed for pre-readers and do not require advanced motor skills. See volunteer information.

Pastoral Care The Pastoral Care Team is a group of parishioners from St Vital who are available to bring the Blessed Sacrament to those of our parish who are unable to attend Mass on Sundays. We regularly go to Chateau Vitaline and Place Beausejour, as well as private homes of those who are unable to attend Mass due to health reasons. If you have a loved one who is unable to attend Mass and would like to have a visit and receive Holy Communion from our team, or would like to join our team please contact Nadia LaFoy at 587-988-7449 or the parish office. Please note that we always come as a team of two people when we visit.

Altar Serving Altar serving is a great way for your children to serve at mass. It lays a foundation for a lifelong devotion to the church and could help them develop a deeper understanding and a deeper love for the faith. To sign up, or for more information, please contact Michael Bilodeau at michaelbilodeau2005.8@gmail.com.

Parish Bible Study

"The Eucharist - A Bible Study for Catholics"

By Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.

  • Every second Monday, 10:30 - 12:30 am.
  • Meetings take place in the parish office building, just South of the church (lower level).
  • Please note, our last meeting before summer break will be April 29. We will resume again in the Fall on Sept 9, 2024!
For information or any questions please call Claire Connell (780) 887-0468.

Dear Parents and Grandparents!
You are welcome to support in our Children's Liturgy program every Sunday from 11.00 -11.30 am. There are some requirements that we would like you to complete before we start and these are the things we would like you to consider to be able to participate:
Criminal Record Check
Vulnerable Sector Intervention Check
Called to Protect
Please see the Volunteer Sign Up page for more information.
Once you are ready we would like you to prepare with us. And join two masses, one for you to listen to the gospel and the homily yourself, and the other to be able to share the gospel with the children. For more information, please contact luluvt83@gmail.com or 780-994-6117.
Thank you so much for your support!
Lourdes Villanueva Tejada
Teresa Burchet
Tania de Leon
Jacob McLarney


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