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Update May 23, 2022


Lifting of Dispensation from Sunday Obligation in the Archdiocese of Edmonton


For the past two years, the Archbishop has given Catholics living in the Archdiocese of Edmonton a dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass due to the concerns surrounding Covid 19. Now that these concerns have lessened, the Archbishop has issued a decree lifting the dispensation as of June 5—the Vigil of Pentecost. As has always been the case, individuals are excused from this obligation for a grave cause which includes sickness, showing symptoms of sickness, requirements to isolate, caring for the sick, and anyone who is unable to attend due to frailty or old age.


Update March 1, 2022


Alberta enters Step 2.

You can access the complete details on the 3-step implementation of the government from


During this time of transition with the Province’s easing of health and safety restrictions, we are all asked to exercise respect, charity, and kindness with one another and to be conscious of the varying comfort levels of people especially in the following areas:



The wearing of masks is no longer required by the Province but people are free to continue the use of facemasks if they choose to. This applies to everyone including the clergy and to anyone serving in a liturgical capacity.


Physical Distancing

There has been no mention of physical distancing in Step 2; however, in order to respect people’s personal space and comfort level, it would be prudent to allow for some distance between people of different households.


People who have symptoms not related to a pre-existing condition should avoid going to the church or being in public as a courtesy to others.


We are all encouraged to observe proper hand hygiene by sanitizing our hands at any of the sanitizer stations in the church or by washing our hands regularly with soap and water.


We are encouraged to observe respiratory etiquette, such as coughing or sneezing into a bent elbow and the prompt disposal of any used tissues in trash cans.


Liturgical Music Ministry


In Step 2, we are grateful that congregational singing may now resume in the Archdiocese. The use of hymnbooks may also resume.


We take this opportunity to thank all of you for your cooperation in observing the health and safety restrictions for almost two years now. At this time, we pace our walk together toward the easing of these restrictions with a lot of care and concern for the good of everyone.


Sign of Peace


At this time, the congregation is asked to exchange peace with people outside of their household with a bow and not by a handshake.


In social settings, it would be charitable not to presume that others are comfortable to shake hands or to hug.


Holy Communion


Deacons, servers, lay ministers, and the faithful receive only under one species – the consecrated host.

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